Creative Specs

Get direct access to our family of over 600 publishers and over 5.5billion impressions per month in a safe, controlled environment.
As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, advertisers and demand partners require more control of their online budgets.

They need to be able to understand where their money is being spent and how every campaign is performing in order to maximise insight and optimise digital revenue.

Working with Zodiak Advertising provides our demand partners with access to our global network of publishers and programmatic buying solutions in a safe, transparent environment. Our expert teams, combined with the best technology, provide the tools and support to give confidence in online campaigns.

Brand Safety

With Zodiak Advertising, you can ensure your brand is in safe hands

One of the main priorities of demand partners is ensuring their brand ads and messaging don’t end up appearing on unauthorised sites. How can this be controlled when using programmatic buying? At Zodiak Advertising, we don’t engage in arbitrage – our demand partners are not buying into a black box network.

All of our publisher sites are audited by our team of analysts – we don’t use third parties – and these must meet our high requirement standards. Our demand partners are also able to define the level of input they have in this process and we report on every single impression served.

Reach and Targeting

By working with Zodiak Advertising, our demand partners gain access to a vast marketplace of high-performing, multi-platform ad inventory. The Zodiak Advertising family is made up of a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive safe publishers, trading billions of impressions each month.

Through our insight and proven targeting methods which include demographic targeting, behavioural targeting, keyword targeting, geographic targeting and retargeting, we ensure our partners reach their specific target a great assignment writing service that is surely one of the best ones for audiences, eliminate waste and optimise their digital ad campaigns.

Our team think laterally when matching demand partners to publishers and unique pages. Through looking dynamically at target demographics we can advise on optimising campaign targeting and maximising reach.

Flexible Pricing

It’s often difficult for advertisers to understand where their digital budgets are being spent, the breakdown of costs and fees and what they are actually getting for their money.

With Zodiak Advertising there are a number of pricing options available and our partners are not tied in to long term, confusing contracts. We charge realistic prices and provide demand partners the opportunity to directly negotiate private deals with publishers, while leveraging automation and programmatic trading. Our approach provides advertisers with much more transparency, a greater sense of ownership and value for money with custom payment solutions that drive operational efficiency.

Monitoring performance

Although digital advertising should provide effective traceability, performance results and valuable campaign insights, it’s not always as simple for advertisers to review how well their inventory is performing.

We provide our partners with custom KPIs, which are set based on their campaign objectives. Our team can provide forecasts and recommendations based on real-time results of every ad campaign.

We provide a visual dashboard of campaign data that allows our partners to review how each campaign is performing against its target. We can also test any campaign changes before they are applied, allowing our advertisers to ensure any alterations will achieve positive results.