Publisher Deck 2016

As the competitive landscape intensifies, publishers are under increasing pressure to monetise inventory and increase revenues and yield. With ongoing advancement in automation and programmatic buying, surely choosing the most efficient solution should be simple?

By looking at the Luma market map we can see how complicated the digital environment has become. Publishers and premium supply partners are struggling to balance custom exchanges, which combine access to the major sources of RTB demand, while maintaining strict in-house control over ad quality yield and premium.

At Zodiak Advertising we provide the best of both worlds, with instant access to quality advertisers, best-in-class yield management capabilities, next generation ad serving and the ability to ensure the highest quality experience for users.

We know how publishers work, and understand that publisher needs and the services they require can differ immensely. We offer a consultative approach, taking our clients on a journey to optimise their position within the digital landscape.

Think of us as your digital ad trading concierge. Don’t feel you are gaining best value from your premium inventory? Want to understand if your remnant inventory could be working harder without being undervalued? We are here to answer your questions and provide individual solutions.

Publishers using Zodiak Advertising can trust that every single relationship and transaction is transparent and they have the best solution to monetise inventory and provide assurance to their buyers.

Trading and inventory management

The automated digital environment is changing the advertising industry

Online advertising campaigns today can be more efficiently planned and delivered using automation and RTB (real time bidding) platforms. To really gain value and understand if inventory is being fully optimised across all available demand sources, publishers need a solution that allows them to analyse their complete portfolio in one place.

At Zodiak Advertising we offer the best combination of outstanding technologies and tailor-made consultancy services. This allows publishers to set up private exchange, private seats and fixed price deals, enable RTB and monitor premium inventory performance, as well as automating CPM campaigns all in one place. Our solutions also allow for as little or as much interaction from our team of analysts, traffickers and optimisers as required – so you really do know that your inventory is in safe hands.

Audience Targeting

When speaking to our publishers, the questions raised most often are; ‘How can I sell more inventory on my specialist pages or sites?’ and ‘My premium content is sold out, how do I increase my revenue?’

At Zodiak Advertising we work with each of our publishers to understand their inventory. We can then maximise saleability and help optimise their indirect sales inventory by constantly challenging the dynamics. We can attract a variety of relevant audiences depending on the way the inventory is viewed.

Using algorithms, categories, human insights and partnerships, our platform intelligently tracks user behaviours to segment the audience into identifiable, targetable clusters. This allows us to ensure our publishers are matched with relevant demand partners in real time.

Collaboration and insights

Working with us allows our publishers to work as part of the Zodiak Advertising group. Sharing and gaining insight with other publishers to help build user profiles and the ability to access reliable data across industry sectors at scale.

All of our data is stored safely and securely and is not shared with other publishers without written consent of the publisher. Our publishers are able to opt out of collaboration at any time.

Optimising Revenue

Maximising CPM, Maximising Value

How can you ensure you are monetising inventory to gain maximum value?

Our platform and ad serving technology provides a simple approach that allows our publishers to really understand the value of every single ad opportunity and, being ‘revenue aware’, optimise across all available demand sources.

As a publisher, it can be difficult to find the correct balance between setting a realistic, lowest price CPM and being left with a high proportion of unsold or remnant inventory.

Instead of fixing CPM rates to a minimum using a completely automated system, our team manually track exchange activity using customised, intelligent key word searches and consult with our publishers, providing opportunities where a temporary fee reduction could achieve significant revenue gain.

Our team of experts provide counsel, manage expectations and challenge our media partners in their best interest to increase revenue while never compromising their direct sales effort.

Certainty and Control

Control is one of the biggest areas of concern for advertisers when choosing a publishing partner. Today, one wrong move for a brand – an ad displayed on an inappropriate site – can have disastrous consequences.

Our publishers find that working with Zodiak Advertising provides demand partners with the trust they require through the element of human control that we offer when it comes to data, ad and process control.

Through working with Zodiak Advertising our publishers are able to regulate how transparent their exchange inventory is to buyers by controlling the visibility of their sites, the information shared about them, and which demand partners can trade with them. Your own private marketplace means you remain in control.

Unrivalled Customer Service

Zodiak has a strong service culture. Yes, the ad tech world is centred around automation and innovation but in our past experience we saw many frustrations and mistakes born from the industry relying purely on technology. This empowered us to make a difference.

Our people are passionate about what we do – helping our publishers to optimise their revenue. The industry can be complex. We’ll get you up and running, guide and support you as you grow your revenue and your business. We consistently receive recommendations from our publishers for our responsiveness and ability to make the most of their inventory.


As smartphone and tablet adoption rates increase, so does the interest to optimise revenue through mobile publishing channels and roll out trading solutions across mobile.

There are huge opportunities and exciting developments in the mobile space. Private marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular with publishers wanting to increase mobile yields and buyers wanting to track where their campaigns are running.

We provide multi-platform solutions for our clients and work with them to test, monitor and identify the most effective solutions to drive revenue and the market develops.

Industry Sectors

Finance, Travel, Automobile, Female, News.