Zodiak Advertising is an industry leading, independent publisher trading desk

providing high performance, programmatic solutions to optimise revenue growth in a safe, controlled environment.

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At Zodiak Advertising we offer the best combination of outstanding technologies and tailor-made consultancy services. This allows publishers to set up private exchange, private seats and fixed price deals, enable RTB and monitor premium inventory performance, as well as automating CPM campaigns all in one place. Our solutions also allow for as little or as much interaction from our team of analysts, traffickers and optimisers as required – so you really do know that your inventory is in safe hands.


As the competitive landscape intensifies, publishers are under increasing pressure to monetise inventory and increase revenues and yield. With ongoing advancement in automation and programmatic buying, surely choosing the most efficient solution should be simple?

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As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, advertisers and demand partners require more control of their online budgets. They need to be able to understand where their money is being spent and how every campaign is performing in order to maximise insight and optimise digital revenue.